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Every Scolfes ingredient is something that you could easily find in your kitchen cupboard or fridge at home. For example, you wouldn’t find Sodium Benzoate or E233 in your kitchen cupboard so we would rather not use it!

Wherever possible we buy very local or British seasonal produce. We also use some of our European neighbour’s products when they are simply the best flavour!

We are always conscious of nutrition and will adapt recipes as long as the flavour remains fantastic. We will never substitute real food with bulking agents, gums etc. to lower fat contents and improve yields. We would rather do it naturally.

All our dishes are lovingly handmade in our kitchen so if you want it ‘your way’ we are happy to tweak our recipes wherever possible!

All of our food and drinks are available to take away with a 20% discount on the whole order.

Most of our ingredients are also available to buy and take home so you can create your own Scolfes favourites for yourself.

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A few facts about our products..

We bake all our scones and cakes daily in our kitchen using classic family recipes. Jenny’s family have a heritage in the baking industry.

Our bread comes from the amazing Light House Bakery in Bodiam, East Sussex. Rachel and her small team are extremely passionate about bread. It is without doubt the tastiest bread we could find!

Our meat is all cooked here in our kitchen and is purchased from our favourite local butcher Buster’s in Salehurst near Robertsbridge. We insist on high standards of Animal welfare. Our Butchers name is Roger, he takes special care to ensure all our meat is of super quality. Andrew Hoad owns the farm where he rears his prize Sussex cattle. We recommend you visit their farm and shop! Andrew Hoad, the farmer, is a member of the Sussex Cattle Society.

Our Ice Cream & Sorbet is from Rob at Bodiam Ice Cream. It is handmade in small batches using all natural local ingredients, yum!

Our Eggs

Scolfes only uses free-range eggs sourced locally. These are in all our products including, breakfasts, cakes and sauces.

Our Chicken

We only use fresh British chicken breast (poached to keep it nice and healthy) in a unique stock so it is juicy and very tasty!

Our Bacon & Ham

We use outdoor reared local pork which is Wiltshire cured and lightly smoked at Busters Farm in Salehurst.

Our Beef

The salt beef is cured to one of Roger’s secret recipes and slowly simmered for hours in a vegetable and lightly spiced bouillon in our kitchen.

Our Salmon

We use Scottish Smoked salmon. The salmon we use is from low-density farms. Fast flowing water is passed over the fish to replenish oxygen and remove waste and they are fed a GM-free diet.

Our Coffee

All our coffee is Organic, Rainforest Alliance and  Fair Trade certified. Our roasting company produces our ‘1066 Blend’ recipe bespoke for Scolfes. It is made with 100% Arabica Coffee Beans from Sumatra, Honduras, Ethiopia and Peru. You can purchase our coffee by the 100g either as whole bean or ground.

Our Tea

Is sourced from the English Tea Shop company. Ranjeeva our supplier is originally from Sri Lanka and he knows a thing or two about tea! Our main blends are ‘loose leaf’ for the perfect cuppa.

Our Smoothies and Frappe’s

We only use fresh natural ingredients for our blended drinks. No powders, thickeners or ‘nasties’!

Our Gin

We specialise in local Gin served with traditional Fentimans mixers, delicious!

Our Beers

Our craft beers are from a local brewer in Uckfield we are very proud to provide their amazing 330ml can range.

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